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  • Dental Prosthetics: Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

    Specialists in dental prosthetics try to solve the problems caused by tooth loss. Missing teeth are replaced by others...

    Fabio Browne

    Written by
    Dr. Fabio Browne
    Dental Prosthetics: Dental Implants for Tooth Loss
  • No Fear of Dentists: Cure Odontophobia

    Nowadays there are a lot of methods that are being created to reduce the fear that people have of dentists....

    Renata Gontijo

    Written by
    Dr. Renata Gontijo
    No Fear of Dentists: Cure Odontophobia
  • Bad Breath is Curable!

    On September 22th, the ABHA (Associação Brasileira de Halitose) conducted a national campaign, where it´s members tried to demo...

    Beatriz Alhanati

    Written by
    Dr. Beatriz Alhanati
    Bad Breath is Curable!
  • All-on-4 Dental Implants

    The All-on-4 treatment was designed to offer the patient that uses total prosthesis a full arch fixed prosthesis, protocol type, in both ar...

    Alexei Cavalcanti

    Written by
    Dr. Alexei Cavalcanti
    All-on-4 Dental Implants
  • Dentistry, Health and Wellness

    Karuã Space is an idea that combines a unique concept of the quality of life with health and well- being. Through a clinical perspecti...

    Alessandra  Brasil

    Written by
    Dr. Alessandra Brasil
    Dentistry, Health and Wellness
  • Your lower denture does not hold? We have the solution!

    The main complaint of the patients who lost their lower teeth is regarding the instability of their total prostheses, result of the natural process...

    Robert Lima

    Written by
    Dr. Robert Lima
    Your lower denture does not hold? We have the solution!
  • Oral Rehabilitation for Periodontal Patients

    The ideal rehabilitative solution needs to be chosen if the patient has already suffered from a severe periodontal disease. This was always a dilem...

    Thiago Gallicchio

    Written by
    Dr. Thiago Gallicchio
    Oral Rehabilitation for Periodontal Patients
  • Treatment of Gingival Recession - Technology at Your Fingertips

    With technological advances of latest decades, dentistry has been extremely benefited, as well as the patients, who can now make use of modern and ...

    Andrea Melo

    Written by
    Dr. Andrea Melo
    Treatment of Gingival Recession - Technology at Your Fingertips
  • Remodeled Smile: Dental Restoration

    In the past, dental restorations could be done only with metal. Although it is efficient, metal restorations give the teeth a dark color. Today, de...

    Esther Klein

    Written by
    Dr. Esther Klein
    Remodeled Smile: Dental Restoration

Simdoctor - Sistema para clínicas e doutores


Multi Oral Dental Clinic

Multi Oral The idea of the partners Dr. Esther Klein e Dr. Carmen Mourão to open Multi Oral clinic in Ipanema, in 2001, came from their experience of working together for 20 years in the same neighborhood. Our dental staff is committed to providing the highest standard of dental care to patients of all ages using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Multi Oral was created with the innovative concept of combining the clinical expertise of specialists from various branches of dentistry at one location.  
Multi Oral Dental Clinic Dentists

Browne de Paula Dentists Association

Browne de Paula Dentistas Associados Browne de Paula Dentists Association, technology values and strives for quality of care and attention given to their patients and friends. With offices equipped with the last equipment in two clinics, both located strategically in the center of Rio de Janeiro (four offices) and another in the mountain region of the state, the city Nova Friburgo (two offices), has a team committed ad highly qualified, trained in various areas of dentistry, so as to provide customized treatments, ensuring each patient a unique work, according to their priorities and needs.

Dental Clinics in Rio de Janeiro

The dental clinics in Rio de Janeiro are modern facilities outfitted with high-tech equipment and qualified professionals who provide comfort and care to patients and expedite service with quality results and durability. The professionals of the dental clinics in Rio de Janeiro are prepared to treat patients of all ages, performing procedures with high-tech equipment, and dentists trained to treat all types of cases, including emergencies. The value of proper care, training and professional development enable the dental clinics of Rio de Janeiro to offer excellent an infrastructure with a combination of technology and treatment plans tailored to the needs of each patient. Over the years, the dental clinics of Rio de Janeiro have been providing quality dental care from professionals of the highest level.  


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