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Bad Breath is Curable!

Bad Breath is Curable!

On September 22th, the ABHA (Associação Brasileira de Halitose) conducted a national campaign, where it´s members tried to demonstrate to the Ministério da Saúde, professional doctors and dentists, as well as the population, about the importance of treating and demystifying the causes of bad breath.

The Halitosis, which affects about 30% of the population between 3 and 90 years old, chronic or sporadic, is capable of destroying the self-esteem of sufferers. Halitosis is not a disease, as many people believe. However, it can report the occurrence of systemic diseases, for example, diabetes. Therefore, treatment of halitosis should be performed by trained professionals (www.abha.org.br), who will actually solve this serious problem for those who suffers from it.

What are the symptoms of bad breath?

There are many reasons that lead to bad breath and according to the Associação Brasileira de Halitose, 90% of cases have oral origin.
In a large majority of patients, there are changes in salivary patterns, and a low salivary flow is present, as well as it´s poor quality (very sticky saliva). Saliva is a mouth´s natural defense mechanism, and with its reduction, saline washing of the oral cavity and periodontal health  become damaged. It is important to note that healthy gums without bleeding are essential for a good breath.
Taste disorders, burning mouth, dry mouth and others, are complains of many people with halitosis, making them to retract and exclude themselves from the society in which they live. Depression, anxiety, low professional performance, difficulty in establishing loving relationships are also reported by people with bad breath.

How to treat?

The dentist must know how to examine and evaluate the patient, individually. Only in this way, the causes of halitosis will be revealed and there will be a precise diagnosis so that treatment can succeed.

The involvement of the stomach reflects less than 1% of the cases, and problems in the upper airways are responsible for approximately 5% of the cases.

Hormonal changes, constipation problems, and spending hours without eating food, among other causes, may also lead to a variation on the breath, even for a short period of time.

Usually, those who suffer from halitosis do not feel their own odor, and in many cases it is only discovered when someone turn your attention to the fact, and we know this is a very embarrassing situation.

Self-medication and indiscriminate use of mouthwashes available in the market are palliative, as it only attenuate halitosis and do not attack the existing causes.

If you suffer from bad breath, or know someone with this problem, do not be ashamed to look for help to get rid of it. Remember that the treatment of halitosis will make your breath  "flawless", since it should be carried out by a qualified professional.

Dr. Beatriz Alhanati
Periodontist – Homeopath

This article was presented by...

Beatriz Alhanati

Dr. Beatriz Alhanati is a dentist, specialized in treatment of mouth odor (Halitosis) and Homeopathy. Dr. Beatriz Alhanati has participated in many updating courses at Montreal University and McGill University, in Canada.
The most performed procedures by Dr. Beatriz are: halitosis, periodontal disease and dry mouth treatment, Sjögren syndrome and treatment of burning mouth syndrome.

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