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Dry Mouth Treatment

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What is Dry Mouth (or Xerostomia)?

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is the situation wich there is not enough saliva to keep the mouth wet.

Everyone can have a dry mouth at times, especially when nervous or under stress. But when the dry mouth (xerostomia) persists, it can cause difficulty in swallowing, chewing and speaking, causing more serious health problems, or indicate the existence or more serious deseases.

Dry mouth increases the risk os teeth degradation, because the saliva does more than just keeping the mouth wet, avoiding the emergence of dry mouth – It helps to digest food, prevents tooth decay, avoid infections and allows chewing and swallowing.

What are the symptoms of Dry Mouth?

Everyone has dry mouth once in a while. But when the sensation of dry mouth persists, the patient may have a problem with saliva production, resulting in xerostomia (or dry mouth).

Symptoms of dry mouth include: sensation of dryness in the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, chewing and speech; burning sensation on the toungue and dry throat; cracked lips; decreased taste; mouth sores and recurring bed breath.

What causes Dry Mouth or Xerostomia?

The most common causes of xerostomia (or dry mouth) are the factors that dry out the oral mucosa and dehydrate the mouth, for example, mouth breathing, snoring, overly talking and excessive body dehydration.

Some other factors tha can cause xerostomia: side effects of certain medicines, such as those given to control high blood pressure and depression; some diseases as Sjögren Syndrome, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and Parkinson´s disease; radiotherapy; chemotherapy; menopause and smoke.

Treatment of Xerostimia

The best way to accomplish the treatment of xerostomia is investigating its cause. If the problem is a result of medication, the dentist can change its prescription or dosage. If the salivary glands do not function normally, but still produces some saliva, your dentist will recommend a medicine that helps the glands to work better, relieving dry mouth (xerostomia), and performing the treatment of xerostomia.

If the cause of dry mouth can not be eliminated, it is possible to restore moisture to your mouth in different ways. For the treatment of dry mouth, your dentist may recommend mouth moisturizers, such as saliva substitutes.

They may also be indicated rinsing with mouthwashes specially formulated to treat dry mouth.

The appropriate treatment of xerostomia should be prescribed by the dentist based on the cause of xerostomia. There are some measures that the person can take to help relieve dry mouth, such as drink enough water, chewing sugarless gum, and avoid alcohol and cigarretes. Good oral care and regular dental visits will keep your mouth health, avoiding the need for treatment of xerostomia.

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