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  • No Fear of Dentists: Cure Odontophobia

    Nowadays there are a lot of methods that are being created to reduce the fear that people have of dentists....

    Renata Gontijo

    Written by
    Dr. Renata Gontijo
    No Fear of Dentists: Cure Odontophobia
  • Remodeled Smile: Dental Restoration

    In the past, dental restorations could be done only with metal. Although it is efficient, metal restorations give the teeth a dark color. Today, de...

    Esther Klein

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    Dr. Esther Klein
    Remodeled Smile: Dental Restoration
  • Dental Prosthetics: Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

    Specialists in dental prosthetics try to solve the problems caused by tooth loss. Missing teeth are replaced by others...

    Fabio Browne

    Written by
    Dr. Fabio Browne
    Dental Prosthetics: Dental Implants for Tooth Loss
  • Your lower denture does not hold? We have the solution!

    The main complaint of the patients who lost their lower teeth is regarding the instability of their total prostheses, result of the natural process...

    Robert Lima

    Written by
    Dr. Robert Lima
    Your lower denture does not hold? We have the solution!
  • Bad Breath is Curable!

    On September 22th, the ABHA (Associação Brasileira de Halitose) conducted a national campaign, where it´s members tried to demo...

    Beatriz Alhanati

    Written by
    Dr. Beatriz Alhanati
    Bad Breath is Curable!
  • All-on-4 Dental Implants

    The All-on-4 treatment was designed to offer the patient that uses total prosthesis a full arch fixed prosthesis, protocol type, in both ar...

    Alexei Cavalcanti

    Written by
    Dr. Alexei Cavalcanti
    All-on-4 Dental Implants
  • Treatment of Gingival Recession - Technology at Your Fingertips

    With technological advances of latest decades, dentistry has been extremely benefited, as well as the patients, who can now make use of modern and ...

    Andrea Melo

    Written by
    Dr. Andrea Melo
    Treatment of Gingival Recession - Technology at Your Fingertips
  • Oral Rehabilitation for Periodontal Patients

    The ideal rehabilitative solution needs to be chosen if the patient has already suffered from a severe periodontal disease. This was always a dilem...

    Thiago Gallicchio

    Written by
    Dr. Thiago Gallicchio
    Oral Rehabilitation for Periodontal Patients
  • Dentistry, Health and Wellness

    Karuã Space is an idea that combines a unique concept of the quality of life with health and well- being. Through a clinical perspecti...

    Alessandra  Brasil

    Written by
    Dr. Alessandra Brasil
    Dentistry, Health and Wellness

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Oral Rehabilitation

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Functional harmony and esthetics of the teeth of the mouth

Oral Rehabilitation is one of the latest features that dentists have used to broadly look at the entire dentition of the patient aiming at functional harmony and aesthetics of the teeth. Although many people feel the need to undergo oral rehabilitation treatment, few know the true function and benefits of the perfect harmony between your health and teeth.

In addition to properly chewing food, who does not want to have a beautiful smile? Usually people love beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile. The smile transpires enriched health. Having beautiful teeth causes people to be self-motivated, happier and less embarrassed. Those who like to smile always seem to be at peace with life, happy and in good spirits.

Missing teeth can cause problems

According to recent studies, it was proven that a person who has damaged teeth may develop problems performing basic functions such as chewing, talking and smiling as well as:
- Headaches
- Nutritional problems
- Fractures of the facial muscles
- Psychological problems.

Over the years, a person could get used to chewing less, which could hinder the digestive process and progress into nutritional problems that could necessitate a doctor visit as opposed to a dental visit.

Why is it important to have all your teeth

When the mandible is not well-positioned, only one part of muscle is used during mastication. With a lack of use, the muscle loses tone and becomes flaccid early, compromising the aesthetics and health. The facial muscles loosen, decreasing the distance between the base of the nose and the tip of the chin, emphasizing the grooves around the mouth.

With the lack of teeth, facial muscles become more flaccid, causing the skin to lose support and accumulate in the neck. Dentistry and oral rehabilitation mitigates the problem, rejuvenating the person. Humans need to develop the basic functions in order to feed. A person needs their teeth to grind food well before it reaches the digestive system. Otherwise the person can not digest food properly and fails to absorb the vitamins and nutrients.

Correction in the maxilla or mandible

There are cases that go beyond oral rehabilitation. These cases are mandibular corrections. This type of analysis should be performed only by a dental specialist who performs Maxillofacial orthognathic surgery, which corrects technical problems and Micrognathism prognathism.

Help from other doctors

Missing teeth in the dental arch may cause the person and go through oral rehabilitation treatment, seeking help from other doctors, such as speech therapists, physiotherapists and plastic surgeons. These doctors will help restore movement, speech or appearance.

Durability of an oral rehabilitation

Upon completion of oral rehabilitation, there will need to be periodic visits by the patient for cleaning and fluoride application. Rehabilitation is usually effetive and durable for 10 years, but this depends on the habits and hygiene of each. The durability of treatment is specific in each case. Rehabilitation can usually last a while, and total treatment time can last from one hour to one year, depending on the work to be done.

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