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  • Your lower denture does not hold? We have the solution!

    The main complaint of the patients who lost their lower teeth is regarding the instability of their total prostheses, result of the natural process...

    Robert Lima

    Written by
    Dr. Robert Lima
    Your lower denture does not hold? We have the solution!
  • Treatment of Gingival Recession - Technology at Your Fingertips

    With technological advances of latest decades, dentistry has been extremely benefited, as well as the patients, who can now make use of modern and ...

    Andrea Melo

    Written by
    Dr. Andrea Melo
    Treatment of Gingival Recession - Technology at Your Fingertips
  • Oral Rehabilitation for Periodontal Patients

    The ideal rehabilitative solution needs to be chosen if the patient has already suffered from a severe periodontal disease. This was always a dilem...

    Thiago Gallicchio

    Written by
    Dr. Thiago Gallicchio
    Oral Rehabilitation for Periodontal Patients
  • No Fear of Dentists: Cure Odontophobia

    Nowadays there are a lot of methods that are being created to reduce the fear that people have of dentists....

    Renata Gontijo

    Written by
    Dr. Renata Gontijo
    No Fear of Dentists: Cure Odontophobia
  • All-on-4 Dental Implants

    The All-on-4 treatment was designed to offer the patient that uses total prosthesis a full arch fixed prosthesis, protocol type, in both ar...

    Alexei Cavalcanti

    Written by
    Dr. Alexei Cavalcanti
    All-on-4 Dental Implants
  • Dentistry, Health and Wellness

    Karuã Space is an idea that combines a unique concept of the quality of life with health and well- being. Through a clinical perspecti...

    Alessandra  Brasil

    Written by
    Dr. Alessandra Brasil
    Dentistry, Health and Wellness
  • Remodeled Smile: Dental Restoration

    In the past, dental restorations could be done only with metal. Although it is efficient, metal restorations give the teeth a dark color. Today, de...

    Esther Klein

    Written by
    Dr. Esther Klein
    Remodeled Smile: Dental Restoration
  • Dental Prosthetics: Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

    Specialists in dental prosthetics try to solve the problems caused by tooth loss. Missing teeth are replaced by others...

    Fabio Browne

    Written by
    Dr. Fabio Browne
    Dental Prosthetics: Dental Implants for Tooth Loss
  • Bad Breath is Curable!

    On September 22th, the ABHA (Associação Brasileira de Halitose) conducted a national campaign, where it´s members tried to demo...

    Beatriz Alhanati

    Written by
    Dr. Beatriz Alhanati
    Bad Breath is Curable!

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>> Click here and search for a Periodontics specialist <<

Periodontics is the study of normal and diseased tissue, system deployment, and the teeth´s suport. The word Periodontics means "perio" = around and "dontics" = teeth. Periodontics involves the gum tissue, periodontal ligament, root cementum and alveolar bone. The gums are the tissue that lines the bone supporting the teeth. Because of poor hygiene, smoking, stress, immune deficiency and poor eating habits, the gums can be weak and more susceptible to infections caused by bacteria.

The periodontal ligament is composed of collagen fibers that connect teeth to the alveolar bone. It is formed by Sharpey fibers. The periodontal ligament communicates through vascular channels with the marrow spaces of their own alveolar bone. The radicular cementum is a tissue covering the root of the tooth. It has no blood vessels, lymphatics, and innervation, but remains in continuous deposition. The alveolar bone is formed with part of the mandible and maxillary that supports the teeth. Its main function is to distribute and absorb the forces generated by chewing and other dental contacts.

Periodontics is the specialty that deals with periodontitis, studying the gum and soft tissues of the mouth. The aim of treatment is to stabilize and prevent the loss of teeth. Periodontics work to ensure the patient maintains as healthy mouth.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease or periodontitis is a bacterial infection that affects the insertion of fibers (gums) and affects the supporting bone that keeps your teeth aligned in the mouth, giving harmony to your smile.

Why make an examination of periodontitis?

To prevent serious diseases a periodontal exam is the easiest way to determine oral health. Upon examination, a micro probe is inserted between the teeth and gums to check your periodontal health.

Thus it is possible to accurately diagnose the need for early treatment of periodontal disease and thus can avoid future problems like the loss of teeth or the need for implants. This simple test can help you keep your teeth throughout your life..

Who needs this test?

All people need periodontal examinations. This exam is one way to prevent more serious problems such as infections and loss of teeth. If you have never done this type of examination, talk to your dentist and search for it. Prevention is better than a cure.

How is it treatment?

First, the periodontist will control the infection in order to remove plaque. Plaque removal can be done by scraping, removal of tartar (plaque), granulation and toxins from the gums. The root of the tooth will be analyzed to eliminate points of accumulation of germs, allowing the gum to become more attached to the tooth.

Yet another alternative is the use of a mouthwash containing a chlorhexidine. In some cases, dentists may prescribe antibiotics to help eliminate the causes of periodontitis.

It´s necessary to perform a periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery may be necessary if scaling and scraping do not control the infection, or if it is very advanced and include loss of bone around the teeth. Periodontal surgery is performed under local anesthesia without causing pain to the patient. " Periodontal surgery is performed by lifting up the gums, removing the tartar and suturing it back in place."

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